TTN Mapper Documentation


TTN Mapper is a tool to map the coverage of The Things Network.

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Project Status

TTN Mapper is currently undergoing a major refactor to support The Things Stack (v3). To fully support TTS, TTN Mapper needs to be able to support multiple networks. This is a big change to the backend systems, and has already started in December 2018. The current major focus is uniquely identifying a network and gateways. After this is sorted out the focus will shift to the website.


The Things Network V2

The Things Stack


Chirp Stack


AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

Not yet supported.


No easy way to get data out to a REST API and on an MQTT broker.

Amazon Sidewalk

Not yet supported


Not supported, and likely no need due to


Not supported, and will likely not be supported due to licensing restrictions.